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2nd May, 2021 — Sermon
Walk With God All Your Earthly Life

18th April, 2021 — Sermon
Take Your Burden To The King

21st April, 2021 — Devotion
Send The Ark Where It Belongs

19th April, 2021 — Devotion
What Shall We Do With God's Ark

16th April, 2021 — Devotion
Every Knee Bow

11th April, 2021 — Sermon
The People Had A Working Heart

12th April, 2021 — Devotion
The Event After The Resurrection Of Christ Part 3

9th April, 2021 — Devotion
The Event After The Resurrection Of Christ Part 2

7th April, 2021 — Devotion
The Event After The Resurrection Of Christ Part 1

31st March, 2021 — Devotion
Jesus' Prayer In The Garden Of Getsheman

29th March, 2021 — Devotion
It Is Better For One Man To Die For The Whole Nation

28th March, 2021 — Sermon
Who Is This Man

24th March, 2021 — Devotion
When God's Presence Leaves

22nd March, 2021 — Devotion
When God is Silent

21st March, 2021 — Sermon
Be Still & Fear Not

19th March, 2021 — Devotion
Why Does God Allow His Children To Be Defeated By The Evil One

14th March, 2021 — Sermon
When A Woman Is Pushed Against The Wall - She Can Do Anything To Save Her Life

17th March, 2021 — Devotion
The Call Of Samuel

15th March, 2021 — Devotion
Samuel Elli\'s Successor In The Making

12th March, 2021 — Devotion
The Result Of A Priestly Backslide

10th March, 2021 — Devotion
The Eleventh Hour

8th March, 2021 — Devotion
Hold on To God

7th March, 2021 — Sermon
Hold on to Your Faith in God

5th March, 2021 — Devotion
The revelation of Gods love 05_03_21

3rd March, 2021 — Devotion
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

28th February, 2021 — Sermon
Only The Blood Makes A Difference

1st March, 2021 — Devotion
Truth and Consequences

26th February, 2021 — Devotion
Parental Influence

24th February, 2021 — Devotion
What is yours is mine

22nd February, 2021 — Devotion
Remember to Give Thanks

21st February, 2021 — Sermon
Distinction Between God's People and People of the World

19th February, 2021 — Devotion
Keep On Praying

17th February, 2021 — Devotion
A Prayer Of A Godly Woman

15th February, 2021 — Devotion
It Is Not  Easy To Understand God's Ways

14th February, 2021 — Sermon
The World Is At A Cross Roads

12th February, 2021 — Devotion
It\'s not over until God says its over

7th February, 2021 — Sermon
Sinomkhosi KaJehova

10th February, 2021 — Devotion
Become A Faithful Servant

8th February, 2021 — Devotion
To Be Sincere

5th February, 2021 — Devotion
The Ten Men With Leprosy

1st February, 2021 — Devotion
I will be with you always

29th January, 2021 — Devotion
Put On The Amor Of God

31st January, 2021 — Sermon
Who Is This God

27th January, 2021 — Devotion
All things are Possible

25th January, 2021 — Devotion
God is Real

24th January, 2021 — Sermon
Never Give Up

22nd January, 2021 — Devotion
God Loved Us First

20th January, 2021 — Devotion
Stay In God's Path

17th January, 2021 — Sermon
God Is In Charge

18th January, 2021 — Devotion
Pray as Jesus Prayed

15th January, 2021 — Devotion
Greater is The One on our Side

11th January, 2021 — Devotion
My Presence Will Go With You

11th January, 2021 — Devotion
It Is The Lord Who Goes Before You

10th January, 2021 — Sermon
The King Will Not Release Them Until The Mighty Hand Forces Him

6th January, 2021 — Devotion
Increasing My Faith In The New Year

4th January, 2021 — Devotion
Be Still And Know That I Am God

3rd January, 2021 — Sermon
The Devine Encounter

31st December, 2020 — Sermon
Cross Over Sermon

1st January, 2021 — Devotion
Nkulunkulu Uyalifakazela Livi Lakhe Part 2

30th December, 2020 — Devotion
Nkulunkulu Uyalifakazela Livi Lakhe

25th December, 2020 — Sermon
Christ The King Is Born

28th December, 2020 — Devotion
Encouraging the Church Part 2

25th December, 2020 — Devotion
Encouraging the Church Part 1

23rd December, 2020 — Devotion
Akukho Lokumehlulako Nkulunkulu

20th December, 2020 — Sermon
The Birth Of Jesus Christ The Promised King

18th December, 2020 — Devotion
It Is A Lie That You Do not Have time to Pray

16th December, 2020 — Devotion
Being Prayerful Is Not A Gift

14th December, 2020 — Devotion
God Has Kept You For Such A Time As This

11th December, 2020 — Devotion
Greater Things

13th December, 2020 — Sermon
Ministry Of Helps In Conjunction With God's Final Judgment

9th December, 2020 — Devotion
Care Ministry is Part of God\'s Judgement

6th December, 2020 — Sermon
Run The Christian Race With Endurance Regardless Of Trying Circumstances

4th December, 2020 — Devotion
Helping the needy

2nd December, 2020 — Devotion
Elijah in Distress

30th November, 2020 — Devotion
Who do you say Jesus is

29th November, 2020 — Sermon
The Lord's Supper

29th November, 2020 — Sermon
We Are Stewards Of God's Resources (Part 2)

27th November, 2020 — Devotion
The Leading God

25th November, 2020 — Devotion
Living A Victorious Life

23rd November, 2020 — Devotion
Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out

22nd November, 2020 — Sermon
Marry's Offering

4th November, 2020 — Devotion
Purify Yourself For The Great Things

2nd November, 2020 — Devotion
The Lord Who Turned Our Ugly Wounds Into Beautiful Scars

30th October, 2020 — Devotion
The Result of Walking With The Lord

28th October, 2020 — Devotion
Wait Patiently For The Lords Help

26th October, 2020 — Devotion
What We Suffer Now Is Nothing Compared To Glory He will reveal To Us Later

25th October, 2020 — Sermon
The Redemption Plan of God Includes Everyone

23rd October, 2020 — Devotion
The Misssion Of Jesus Christ On Earth Part 3

21st October, 2020 — Devotion
The Misssion Of Jesus Christ On Earth Part 2

19th October, 2020 — Devotion
The Misssion Of Jesus Christ On Earth

18th October, 2020 — Sermon
Claim Your Victory

12th October, 2020 — Devotion
Walking In The Truth

11th October, 2020 — Sermon
The Cost Of Total Commitment

9th October, 2020 — Devotion
You Cannot Carry Fire Without Being Burnt!

5th October, 2020 — Devotion
My Son, Keep My Command

2nd October, 2020 — Devotion
The Six Things The Lord Hates And One Thing Detestable To God

7th October, 2020 — Devotion
Know Who You Are Walking With

4th October, 2020 — Sermon

4th October, 2020 — Sermon
The Lord's Supper And It's Meaning

30th September, 2020 — Devotion
Danger Of Lazyness

28th September, 2020 — Devotion
Pray Without Season

25th September, 2020 — Devotion
Five Key Elements Of Nehemiah's Prayer

23rd September, 2020 — Devotion
Nehemiah's Concern For His Country

27th September, 2020 — Sermon
Prayer That Can Move Mountains

21st September, 2020 — Devotion
We Serve a Merciful God

20th September, 2020 — Sermon
Terms And Conditions For God's Favour

18th September, 2020 — Devotion
God's Time Is Perfect

14th September, 2020 — Devotion
Hezekiel's Prayer

16th September, 2020 — Devotion
Glorifying God on Earth

13th September, 2020 — Sermon
The Son Of Man Came To Seek And Save What Is Lost

11th September, 2020 — Devotion
God Has Great Love For Us

9th September, 2020 — Devotion
Prayer For Intervention

7th September, 2020 — Devotion
The Pain Brought By Adultery

6th September, 2020 — Sermon
What Does Biblical Love Look Like? - Part 2

4th September, 2020 — Devotion
Jesus Understands and He Cares

2nd September, 2020 — Devotion
Do Not Compromise Your Faith

31st August, 2020 — Devotion
We Must Be Humble As Jesus Is

30th August, 2020 — Sermon
Characteristics and Benefits of a Committed Christian

28th August, 2020 — Devotion
Avoid Sexual Immorality

26th August, 2020 — Devotion
Do not Lose Sight of My Advice

24th August, 2020 — Devotion
Benefits of taking Parent's Advice

23rd August, 2020 — Sermon
God Is Looking For Committed Christians

21st August, 2020 — Devotion
Listen To Your Farther's Advice (Part 3)

19th August, 2020 — Devotion
Listen To Your Farther's Advice (Part 2)

17th August, 2020 — Devotion
Listen To Your Farther's Advice (Part 1)

16th August, 2020 — Sermon
What Does Biblical Love Look Like?

14th August, 2020 — Devotion
Do Not Withhold Good From Those Who Deserve It

12th August, 2020 — Devotion
The Value of Wisdom

10th August, 2020 — Devotion
Applying Common Sense

9th August, 2020 — Sermon
A Life of Love (Discussion)

7th August, 2020 — Devotion
Trust in The Lord

5th August, 2020 — Devotion
Wisdom Speaks Loudest In Public Places

3rd August, 2020 — Devotion
The Importance of Intercession

2nd August, 2020 — Sermon
A Life Of Love

31st July, 2020 — Devotion
Lord can\'t you do it again in our time.

29th July, 2020 — Devotion
Kutitsiba (Self Control)

27th July, 2020 — Devotion
Bumcoka Bekwati Livi Lenkhosi

24th July, 2020 — Devotion
Dangerous Friendships - Part 2

22nd July, 2020 — Devotion
Dangerous Friendships

20th July, 2020 — Devotion
The Reward of Wisdom

19th July, 2020 — Sermon
See I Am Doing A New Thing

17th July, 2020 — Devotion
Assurance Of Eternal Life

15th July, 2020 — Devotion
He Who Believes In His Son Has A Testimony In His Heart

13th July, 2020 — Devotion
Love For God And His Children

12th July, 2020 — Sermon
I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me (Part2)

10th July, 2020 — Devotion
Love Is The Supreme Test Of A Christian's Commitment And Character

8th July, 2020 — Devotion
True Love Reveals God's Nature

6th July, 2020 — Devotion
The Supreme Sacrifice

5th July, 2020 — Sermon
I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

3rd July, 2020 — Devotion
The People Who Know Their God Will Be Strong

1st July, 2020 — Devotion
You Are The Salt Of The Earth

29th June, 2020 — Devotion
Where Have You Come From And Where Are You Going

28th June, 2020 — Sermon
How To Recognize God's Spirit

26th June, 2020 — Devotion
Our God Reigns

24th June, 2020 — Devotion
The Done Deal In The Christian Journey

21st June, 2020 — Sermon
Elements Of Wisdom

19th June, 2020 — Devotion
Be Strong In The Lord

22nd June, 2020 — Devotion
Absolute Trust in God

17th June, 2020 — Devotion
Let Us Run With Perseverance

15th June, 2020 — Devotion
In Jesus’ Name

14th June, 2020 — Sermon
The Way To Success Passes Through Pain And Suffering

12th June, 2020 — Devotion
Strive For Wisdom

10th June, 2020 — Devotion
We Are Called To Be Witnesses For Christ

8th June, 2020 — Devotion
Touching God's Heart

5th June, 2020 — Devotion
The Just Shall Live By Faith

3rd June, 2020 — Devotion
A Christian’s Weapon For Victory In Hard Times

1st June, 2020 — Devotion
Keep Watch, Because You Do Not Know The Day Or The Hour

31st May, 2020 — Sermon
God Causes All Things To Work Together For Good

30th May, 2020 — Devotion
Daily Devotional

29th May, 2020 — Devotion
Daily Devotional

28th May, 2020 — Devotion
Daily Devotional

27th May, 2020 — Devotion
Daily Devotional

26th May, 2020 — Devotion
Daily Devotional

25th May, 2020 — Devotion
Daily Devotional

24th May, 2020 — Sermon
Jesus Is Coming Back

22nd May, 2020 — Devotion
The Spirit Of God VS The Spirit Of The World

20th May, 2020 — Devotion
Keep His Command And Remain In Fellowship With Him

18th May, 2020 — Devotion
God Is Greater Than Our Conscience

17th May, 2020 — Sermon
Hate And Love Do Not Go Together

15th May, 2020 — Devotion
How to Identify God's True Children

13th May, 2020 — Devotion
The Difference Between God's Children And Devil's Children

11th May, 2020 — Devotion
True Christians Do Not Exhibit A Sinful Lifestyle

10th May, 2020 — Sermon
What Happens When The Presence Of God Is Absent?

8th May, 2020 — Devotion
The Attack On Relationship

6th May, 2020 — Devotion
Christ's Promised Return

4th May, 2020 — Devotion
The Love Of God Has Been Extended To Us

1st May, 2020 — Devotion
The Test Of Truth

29th April, 2020 — Devotion
Do Not Love This World

27th April, 2020 — Devotion
John Speaks to Infant and Mature Believers

26th April, 2020 — Sermon
Can God change His Mind? - Part 2

25th April, 2020 — Devotion
Love One Another - Part 2

24th April, 2020 — Devotion
Love One Another

23rd April, 2020 — Devotion
Whoever Claims To Live In Him Must Live As Jesus Did

22nd April, 2020 — Devotion
We Have An Advocate

21st April, 2020 — Devotion
He is Faithful & Just

20th April, 2020 — Devotion
Walk in the Light

19th April, 2020 — Sermon
Can God change His Mind?

18th April, 2020 — Devotion
God is the Light - Part 2

17th April, 2020 — Devotion
God is the Light

16th April, 2020 — Devotion
Eternal life through Christ Jesus

15th April, 2020 — Devotion
The Incarnation of the Word of Life

14th April, 2020 — Devotion
Actions Speak Louder Than Words

13th April, 2020 — Devotion
Our Passover Lamb Has Been Sacrificed

12th April, 2020 — Sermon
The Importance Of Christ's Resurrection

11th April, 2020 — Discussion
The Death of Jesus Christ - Part 2

11th April, 2020 — Devotion
Truly I Tell You, Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

10th April, 2020 — Discussion
The Death of Jesus Christ - Part 1

10th April, 2020 — Devotion
It is Finished

9th April, 2020 — Devotion
Father, Forgive Them, For They Do Not Know What They Are Doing.

9th April, 2020 — Devotion
Jesus Speaks

8th April, 2020 — Devotion
He Was Oppressed And Afflicted For You

7th April, 2020 — Devotion
Surely He Took Up Our Pain

5th April, 2020 — Sermon
Looking unto Jesus

6th April, 2020 — Devotion
Jesus, The Man of Sorrows

4th April, 2020 — Devotion
We need The Grace of God

3rd April, 2020 — Devotion
Do Not Fear

2nd April, 2020 — Devotion
Put your trust in God

1st April, 2020 — Devotion
Search for God

29th March, 2020 — Sermon

28th March, 2020 — Devotion

30th March, 2020 — Devotion
Time with God

31st March, 2020 — Devotion
Be Well Positioned For God To Work

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